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Why Hypertherm

Why is Hypertherm the plasma cutter of choice for Tactical CNC clients?

Tactical CNC makes available the two top manufacturers of automated plasma cutting technology for its CNC plasma systems, but one brand leads the way, hands down, Hypertherm.

Ever wonder why?

What started out in a two car garage in the late 60’s, Hypertherm has dedicated itself to ongoing research and development of the plasma cutting technology. The engineering side of the company makes up of just over 10% of their entire work force, allowing them to find new cutting innovations. They pride themselves as a technology company not just a manufacturer, making them strive for an even better technology for the end user that they can then themselves manufacture.

Hypertherm does not have employees, but have associates.

The goal of the associate is to make everything about Hypertherm meet or exceed the client’s needs, and as of 2014, is now a 100% associate owned company. The company motto is “Work like an owner, think like a customer”

Where others open manufacturing facilities in other countries to lower costs, Hypertherm expands here in the USA incorporating high technology and lean manufacturing to control costs.

It is reported that Hypertherm has 80% of the plasma cutting market in North America, so that means the remainder 20% is shared by all other manufacturers combined.

Tactical CNC installers and system engineers are the first to point out that Hypertherm knows automated plasma cutting.

As a company, Hypertherm has an entire division committed to cut automation. This will attest that it is not just a plasma cutter with a machine torch thrown on, but a system that has been designed and tested to be the standard in automated plasma cutting.

When you look at the Hypertherm line up of plasma cutters designed for automation, it covers all the bases:

  • Conventional air plasma with the Powermax line that can production cut up to 1” MS,
  • HSD 130 is the Hyspeed oxygen plasma that is the easiest to operate oxygen plasma available
  • Maxpro 200 has the fastest cut speeds in its class
  • HPR130 is the HyPerformance plasma systems that deliver HyDefinition cut quality at half the operating costs

With long life consumables and the best warranty in the business, it all makes Hypertherm the plasma cutter of choice on your Tactical CNC plasma cutting system.

Latest News

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Tactical CNC introduces a single oxy-fuel station to compliment your plasma cutting system.
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