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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

What Sets High Precision CNC Plasma Cutting Apart

CNC Plasma Table

When it comes to fabrication of any kind, precision and accuracy are always a priority.  But, every fabrication shop and every piece being fabricated are different.  What one fabrication shop needs in terms of cut quality, vs. what another shop needs, may vary significantly.  At Tactical CNC, all of our CNC plasma cutting systems are complete systems that come with everything you need to start cutting right away and achieving the excellent cut quality that you want.  But, you may have seen the term ‘high precision CNC plasma cutting’ and wondered if that is any different.  The answer – yes.
There are ‘high precision’ or ‘high definition CNC plasma cutting torches and systems that take cut quality, precision, and accuracy to the next level.  AZO Materials explains the difference between traditional CNC plasma cutting and high precision CNC plasma cutting, “Plasma cutting employs gas heated by an electric arc (50-400 amps) to offer a focused plasma beam (highly energetic mixture of ions and atoms) that can rapidly melt a metal. The cutting mechanism is provided by a combination of high energy plasma and the pressure of gas stream. As the plasma beam melts through the steel’s thickness, the gas pressure pushes the molten metal aside. Usually, plasma cutting is chosen for cutting stainless steel, mild steel and even copper because of the oxides formed in flame cutting that slow down the cutting process…In the past, difficulties were faced with profiles cut with plasma systems including imprecise bolt holes and edge.”  AZO Materials goes on to note that precision plasma cutting advantages include “Cuts smaller holes due to a lower kerf (width of cut)…Provides a cleaner cut dross free edge and precise bolt holes…Conveys less heat into the profile steel and this leads to a reduced Heat Affected Zone on the cut edges.”

Every high precision CNC plasma cutting torch and system is different so the specifics should be closely examined before making an investment to ensure that it will meet your needs.  Not all CNC plasma cutting systems, and high precision plasma torches are created equal and it is not enough to just have one element of a system be high quality or high precision, the entire system must work together to provide the type of cut quality and accuracy that you want, as The Fabricator notes, “A fully integrated system includes the plasma power source, CNC, torch height control, torch lifter and its associated motors and drives, and an automatic gas control console. Some fabricators have the misconception that using a high-precision plasma power supply will allow them to save on other components. In an automated plasma system, integrated components work seamlessly to control cutting amperage, torch height, speed, and gas pressure. Some fabricators also balk at the cost of CNCs and associated software. But their capabilities provide fast payback, especially if a company lacks operators with programming skills and plasma cutting experience (both of which are otherwise essential without a CNC).”  At Tactical CNC, our CNC plasma cutting systems are complete with all components, including software and training, that you need to achieve the high precision plasma cutting that you want.

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Not a problem.
Tactical CNC introduces a single oxy-fuel station to compliment your plasma cutting system.
With the new Tactical 5 software, oxy-fuel parameters are also loaded for operator convienience.

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