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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

What Is Included with Your CNC Plasma Cutting System (And What You Need to Supply)


Many CNC plasma cutting systems come with a variety of features.  Some systems have very low prices but are also “bare bones” systems that, to use the way you may intend, may require purchasing many add-ons just to operate.  Suddenly, your “inexpensive” plasma system has added up to a very expensive system.  At Tactical CNC, we consider our CNC plasma cutting systems turnkey, which means that you will get everything you need (and more!) to begin cutting immediately!  While our systems are very economically priced, we take great pride in the quality of construction and the features our systems boast.  Our systems include things like on-site training, heavy duty cutting table designed for water, down draft or hybrid use, adjustable table feet, DynatractNylatrac® cable carriers on the x-axis and y-axis gantry, automatic torch height control, fully enclosed z-axis with linear bearings, triple magnetic torch breakaway safety feature, industrial Nema 34 drive motors, zero backlash non-direct drive gear box and drive system, heavy duty end trucks, dual drive x-axis for smooth motion, Bishop Wisecarver ‘Dual Vee’ bearings on the x-axis and y-axis for very smooth guided motion that is quiet and durable, torch positional accuracy is 0.002’’, laptop computer, and Tactical CNC’s dynamic and intuitive software package with CAD drawing and CAM cutting software.  Additionally, we provide ongoing support to all of our customers before, during and after purchase.

While our systems are completely turnkey, it is important to note what is not included in the system that the user must supply so that each customer can be prepared for installation and use when the time comes.  First, electrical wiring to the CNC controller and plasma cutter is not included.  Additionally, electrical disconnects and electrical earth grounding is not included, though information will be supplied pre-delivery with installation requirement manual.  Further, the user must supply compressed air to the work station suitable for plasma cutter connection as well as compressed air drier and filter.  It is also best to get a start kit of consumable parts for your new plasma cutter.  If you opt for a down draft CNC plasma cutting system, your metal fabrication shop must have duct work and exhaust fans.  If you opt for a water table, your metal fabrication shop will need access to water.  If you select a plasma cutter that requires mixed gases, your metal fabrication shop should have cylinders of the required gases as per plasma cutter manufacturers specifications as well as regulators for that gas supply suitable to supply the required pressures as per plasma cutter manufacturers specifications and hoses to correct length with fittings.  At Tactical CNC, we will provide detailed site preparation instructions before delivery and will follow this will a review with your Tactical CNC support team.  Should you have any specific questions about what you need to supply, please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

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