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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

Three Valuable Tips to Choosing the Right CNC Plasma Table

Advance 5x10 plasma ystem


The majority of fabrication workshops have at least one CNC plasma cutting system. These versatile pieces of equipment are indispensible since they are capable of executing a wide range of precision operations with just a little bit of operator guidance. Plasma cutting systems have become more sophisticated over the years which has resulted in a greater variety of systems offered to consumers at a competitive price point. Given the centrality of this equipment and its primary role in the fabrication process, it is not surprising that it is among the first items acquired by new or expanding workshops. Workshop managers have to weigh their options carefully before selecting a CNC plasma table. The team at Tactical CNC has put together three important tips to keep in mind when shopping for a new plasma cutting system.

Tip One: Invest in Quality

As more CNC plasma cutters have increased in variety, they have become available at a range of price points. It is now possible to find a cutter that will comfortably fit just about any budget. That said some bargain priced cutters are actually made with lightweight materials that do not have the ability to stand up to the heavy use. A table made with poor quality materials can end up costing you in several ways, such as:

  • Component replacement and repair
  • Lost money due to equipment downtime
  • Expensive specialty fabrication required for precise repair services
  • Lack of service support from manufacturer

Tip Two: Research Fuel Sources

Plasma cutters transform a variety of fuel sources into high energy plasma arcs that have the capacity to cut through a wide variety of tough materials with a range of melting points. Each fuel source or combination of fuel sources produces a slightly different cut. Workshop managers must take the time to research the fuel sources associated with each different cutter to make sure that those sources are going to be capable of manipulating the materials most frequently used in a particular workshop. Fuel sources are associated with a range of price points from the relatively economical compressed air system to the ones utilizing argon and other gases.

Tip Three: Buy From a Reputable Dealer

Well-made CNC plasma cutters have the capacity to last a long time. The company or dealer you purchase your equipment from should be able to provide support services throughout the life of your table. Companies without the weight of reputation behind them may not be able to deliver support when you need it.

Tactical CNC works closely with our customers to help them select the pieces of equipment that will best suit their needs. Our industry experience lets us offer exceptional support to the people we serve.



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