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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

Tactical CNC Cutting Systems: 4 Features of Durability


Metal fabrication shops are not pristine, delicate environments.  Any equipment, and particularly equipment that is a large investment like a CNC plasma cutting system, must be heavy duty and capable of withstanding the atmosphere of a metal fabrication shop.  And, as a fabricator that has invested in a high-quality system, you want to have peace of mind that your new CNC plasma cutter is capable of standing up to high-volume cutting and frequent use.  At Tactical CNC, we design our systems with our clients in mind, ensuring every feature is the best quality so that our systems are an exceptional value.  We have been in the industry for decades and understand what a metal fabrication shop environment can be like which is why we have the following features of durability in all of our CNC cutting systems:

  1. Extruded Aluminum Gantry
    • Extrusion refers to the technique used to transform aluminum into a usable component. Aluminum is incredibly malleable yet strong so when it is extruded it can be machined and cast for usable products that are exceptionally strong and stable.  At Tactical CNC, our gantry is comprised of heavy wall extruded aluminum that has been machined flat and square so the mounting of the rails and gear track makes our systems capable of precision and accuracy.
  2. NEMA 34 Drive Motors
    • At Tactical CNC we partner with the best of the best brands and that is why our systems come with a NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) 34 drive motor for enhanced productivity, better torque, and improved cuts. Our drive system has precision motion as well as zero backlash because the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis are powered by digital high-speed, heavy-duty NEMA 34 drive motors.
  3. Steel End Trucks
    • Attention has been paid to every detail to ensure that all of our systems are “complete” systems with the durability to stand the test of time and heavy use which is why Tactical CNC systems come with heavy-duty steel plate end trucks to house and protect the X-axis drive systems on both sides of the table.
  4. Quality Table Slats and Legs
    • We know that your new CNC plasma cutting system will be used often and with heavy-duty materials and must be physically capable to withstand that kind of use which is why our systems come with heavy-duty adjustable table legs. Additionally, our systems have table slats and holders that are also designed to be long-lasting.

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