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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

Plasma Cutter Spotlight: Victor Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut XT


At Tactical CNC, we pride ourselves on working only with the best plasma cutter brands on the market.  Victor Thermal Dynamics is an industry leader and with their new Ultra-Cut XT technology, they are revolutionizing CNC plasma cutting.  If you are a metal fabricator looking for higher productivity and increased flexibility, the new Ultra-Cut XT is providing that and more. For the metal fabricator looking for higher quality while also achieving lower cutting costs, look no further than the Ultra-Cut XT.

The Victor Thermal Dynamics new CNC plasma cutter is designed  to cut mild steel as well as any non-ferrous metals.  But perhaps one of the most interesting features of the new Ultra-Cut XT is that it can expand with you as your business grows.  Should you need to expand, you can move from one system to the next in a matter of minutes.  This is because the Ultra-Cut XT utilizes StepUp™ modular power technology which allows units to be easily and quickly upgraded so that you can have the power you need when you need it.

Victor Thermal Dynamics boasts that the new Ultra-Cut XT has two primary benefits: superior cut quality which leads to greater efficiency and higher productivity that delivers greater profits. First, superior cut quality is achieved because parts can go directly from the cutting table to welding, painting or assembly without any expensive secondary operations.  The Ultra-Cut XT high precision plasma system cuts with both excellent dross-free cuts using oxygen (O2) plasma on mild steel and unmatched cut quality on non-ferrous metals using unique Water Mist Secondary (WMS® ) process.  Higher productivity is achieved because the system delivers superior cut quality at superior cutting speeds.  Victor Thermal Dynamics explains that the system boasts outstanding parts life to reduce down time and lower the overall cost of ownership.  Additionally, it has the highest kW output for maximized duty cycle and cut speed.  The system also reduces downtime during parts changes with the Speedlok cartridge design.  Users can lower the current draw to reduce cutting cost and the shorter switching time between marking and cutting process allows for higher daily throughput.  The Ultra-Cut XT has the highest cutting speed in its class on stainless steel (up to 3 times faster than similar cutting systems.  When you are ready to invest in a Tactical CNC plasma cutting system and it comes time to choose a plasma cutter that will best suit your metal fabrication shop, consider opting for the Tactical CNC Advance HD Series with a Victor Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut XT.

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