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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

Introduction to HyPerformance HPR260XD

Plasma Table Gantry

Designing the perfect CNC plasma cutting system involves a lot of decisions on table components and features to ensure that you end up with the best system to meet your fabrication needs.  You will determine table size, type of table such as water or down draft, and plasma cutter.  At Tactical CNC, you can choose from an air plasma cutter, a mixed-gas plasma cutter, and a hy-def/precision plasma cutter.  The Hypertherm HyPerformance Plasma HPR260XD is a state-of-the-art plasma cutter that boasts many features to which our clients are often drawn.

But, before discussing why the HyPerformance Plasma HPR260XD is such an outstanding plasma cutter, it is important to know what this unique cutter features in terms of capabilities and performance.  Hypertherm explains why makes the HyPerformance Plasma HPR260XD unique, “The HyPerformance® HPR260XD plasma system has been designed and built for maximum performance and productivity in x-y, bevel and robotic cutting operations. The versatile 260-amp rated system combines fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers and high reliability, and gives you unmatched HyPerformance cut quality from very thin up to heavier thicknesses.”

The HyPerformance Plasma HPR260XD plasma cutter has a maximum pierce on mild steel up to 1.500’’, 1.250’’ on stainless steel, and 1.000’’ on aluminum.  It offers superior cut quality and consistency with more precision cutting ability and virtually no dross.  It also boasts what Hypertherm calls True Hole™ technology which ‘produces hole quality that is significantly better than anything previously achievable with plasma.”  In addition, the HyPerformance Plasma HPR260XD minimizes operating costs with its LongLife® technology which ‘significantly increases consumable life and enables consistent HyDefinition cut quality.’  And, fabricating materials is easier and more versatile than ever before with PowerPierce® technology which allows the user to pierce thicker material than ever before with fewer parts and with fewer add-ons to your system.  Finally, the HyPerformance Plasma HPR260XD plasma cutter will provide you the outstanding reliability that only a robust, best-in-class plasma cutter could provide.  At Tactical CNC, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the highest quality plasma cutting systems available which is why we partner with Hypertherm.  Hypertherm prioritizes quality, durable manufacturing to ensure that their products perform exceptionally well and for a long lifespan.  When you want efficiency, effectiveness, greater maximum pierce capability and high quality performance in one plasma cutter, the HyPerformance Plasma HPR260XD is a great choice.

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