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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

Introducing the HyperthermXPR300™ – A Major Advance in Plasma Cutting Technology

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Though plasma cutting has been around for decades, there continues to be new and exciting advances in the technology.  Tactical CNC is an OEM for Hypertherm and they recently announced their latest plasma cutting technology – the XPR300™.  Plasma cutting has long been an effective method of fabrication for a variety of materials and the newest product from Hypertherm takes that effectiveness and improves upon it.  When you invest in a Tactical CNC plasma cutting system that has been outfitted with a HyperthermXPR300™ you will be using the most advanced plasma cutting technology on the market. Hypertherm explains just how exciting the new XPR300™ really is, “Hypertherm’s new XPR300™ represents the most significant advance in plasma cutting technology ever.  The system offers unmatched cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, increased cut speed, dramatically improved productivity and a 50% operating cost reduction. In addition, new ease-of-use features and engineered system optimization make the XPR300 easier to run with minimal operator intervention, while also ensuring optimal performance and reliability.”

Hypertherm’s new XPR300™ provides superior performance to the user.  Not only is it a far better cut but it also increases cut speeds by 15%.  That means a significant improvement in productivity and ultimately a faster ROI and increased profitability.  Additionally, the new plasma cutter is more efficient and easy to use than other systems.  One very exciting feature is the remote system monitoring capability.  It even has built in WiFi capability so you are able to connect to your smart device for monitoring (no matter where you are!), making it easy and convenient!  Further, the new XPR300™ plasma cutter optimizes and extends consumable life which reduces operating costs and downtime

The HyperthermXPR300™ is a major advancement in plasma technology and, at Tactical CNC, we are proud to always be offering our clients the best available technology. This new technology allows users to continue to use plasma technology where laser cutting would have been the chosen method.  And, fortunately, plasma cutting is far less expensive than laser cutting so it dramatically extends the capabilities of any metal fabrication shop that opts for this exciting technology. We believe in maximizing customer satisfaction and faster cut speeds, exceptional cut quality, outstanding and intuitive features, and remote monitoring is certain to keep our customers happy!  Contact us any time to learn about the latest CNC plasma cutting technology and the cutting systems that we have to offer.

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