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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

How CNC Plasma Cutting Systems Increase Workshop Safety

A workshop, industrial setting, or any other place in which fabrication occurs tends to be a rough and often dangerous environment.  There are many ways to increase safety and reduce the risk of worker injury.  While handheld cutting works for metal fabrication, there are certain hazards involved with the job.  When your hand is on the torch there is always a risk of burning or injury.  Further, by being so close to a plasma arc, you could potentially damage vision or even die if an arc flash occurs.  Needless to say, the closer you arc to the plasma torch, the greater the risk of injury.  By opting to use a CNC plasma cutting system that automates plasma cutting, it reduces the risk of injury for workers significantly.

It is important to note that not all CNC plasma cutting systems are the same.  The features and functions of systems can vary significantly. At Tactical CNC, we pride ourselves on providing clients with a complete system.  Our systems are a tremendous value because they automate plasma cutting which reduces the need for superfluous staff in the workshop, increases worker safety by eliminating the need for handheld cutting, and even have built-in features that enhance overall safety as well.

Our CNC plasma cutting systems come with magnetic torch breakaway – a very important safety feature.  Magnets are installed on the torch holder side of a breakaway plate and additional magnets are mounted on the torch riser breakaway plate.  This helps keep everything perfectly aligned and the torch can snap on and off if a collision occurs.  Not only is this better for safety but it helps reduce the risk of damage to the torch and allows for fast reattachment and realignment.  Tactical CNC CNC plasma cutting systems are exceptionally easy to use and our software makes it even easier to automate the cutting process.  Fabrication shop employees will easily be able to pick up and quickly master Tactical CNC software so that they can begin to enjoy a safer work environment that produces higher quality cuts, more rapidly.

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Still need an oxy-fuel station for the really thick plate?
Not a problem.
Tactical CNC introduces a single oxy-fuel station to compliment your plasma cutting system.
With the new Tactical 5 software, oxy-fuel parameters are also loaded for operator convienience.

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