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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

How CNC Plasma Cutter Enhances Productivity

Plasma Table Gantry

Any fabricator or workshop can benefit from enhanced productivity.  Whether you only manufacture a few parts or pieces each day or you manufacture thousands, faster productivity without sacrificing cut quality is a good thing.  The faster a fabricator is able to produce high quality cuts, the more cuts they can produce and ultimately that means more profit.  Though some CNC plasma cutting systems may boast about fast cutting speeds, it is important to investigate just how fast those speeds are and whether or not they are producing truly high quality cuts.  At Tactical CNC, producing quality CNC plasma cutting systems is our top priority.  Our systems contain all of the best components to ensure maximum cut speed without sacrificing cut quality.

Tactical CNC plasma cutting systems enhance a workshop’s productivity with two main components.  First, our plasma cutting tables have digital high-speed, heavy-duty NEMA 32 motor drives.  These high quality motor drives make it possible to produce even the most intricate cuts very quickly.  What would normally take you hours of painstaking, hand cutting can happen in a matter of minutes.  And, not only will those cuts happen quickly but they will be exceptionally accurate.  The machine is equipped with components that make smooth and precise motion possible.  Additionally, Tactical CNC plasma cutting systems have ATHC (Automatic Torch Height Control) which helps ensure the torch is at the ideal height for each cut.  And, the torch is controlled by CAD drawing and CAM cutting software which ensures that every cut will follow specific parameters and be executed according to instructions which will minimize errors and/or heat distortion.

Because of faster cutting and improved cut quality, your workshop will have increased profitability because materials will not be wasted due to damage or error.  Additionally, clients will be happy with faster production of their orders and you will enjoy a higher profit because you are able to produce more in a shorter amount of time.  Any successful and growing business needs to be able to scale productivity easily and efficiently in order to meet consumer demand and investing in a CNC plasma cutting system for your manufacturing facility is an ideal way to do so.  To learn more about how Tactical CNC plasma cutting systems can increase your productivity, we encourage you to contact us and experience a virtual test cut to see how easy to use our software and plasma cutting systems are!

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