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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

Determining Optimal Table Size for Your CNC Plasma Cutting Application

CNC plasma cutting devices have been used for decades for all sorts of applications in the shipbuilding and manufacturing industries. But thanks to advances in technology, they have become far more accessible, and their costs have come down considerably. Now it’s possible to pick up an excellent CNC plasma cutting device for just a few thousand dollars.
Whereas in the past, many CNC plasma devices were large and specialist, the greater choice on the market means that companies can now choose optimal table sizes for their particular application.

The table on a CNC plasma cutting devices refers not only to the X-Y surface which provides a basis for the cutting area, but also the surrounding apparatus which makes cutting possible. These apparatus include the cutting head of the device, the fume control system and all of the various mechanical parts and rollers that allow the torch to move in all directions over the surface of the plane. Some more sophisticated tables allow the height of the cutter to be raised or lowered, depending on the topology of the material.

Size Of Cut

Choosing the optimal table size for your application depends on the kind of work that you’re doing. Small cutting jobs usually require only a small table, even if you have high throughout. You may need a larger table, however, if you need to machine larger pieces of material for a particular product. The size of the underlying table determines the area that can be cut in a single operation.

Cost Of Machinery

The price of servos, motors, computer drives, and plasma cutter heads have all come down considerably over the last few decades. What was once the preserve of heavy industry can now be found in workshops and garages of hobbyists all over the country.

Cost, however, is still a consideration when considering the optimal table size for your plasma cutting operation. The price of small plasma tables is surprisingly low, and some can be found for less than $4,000. Larger tables cost more, so it’s important to think carefully about how large a table you need. It does not make sense to buy a table that provides larger cutting dimensions than you need. Carefully consider the size of cut strokes that your business requires. Think also about any benefits you may derive from having the flexibility of a larger table. A larger table may allow you to adjust your processes more easily without having to update or upgrade machinery.


Plasma cutting was initially introduced in the 1960s because of its superior reliability. Since then, the technology has been refined, and systems improved further. Larger tables tend to, on average, be more durable than smaller tables. But with that said, almost all tables are designed to withstand heavy usage in demanding environments.

The optimal CNC table size for your application depends on three main factors: the size of the cut you need, your budget constraint, and your reliability requirements. Larger tables are more expensive, but provide more substantial cuts and, often, higher reliability.

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