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CNC Plasma Tables

Tactical CNC Plasma Table Advance Series Construction

  • Table base is heavy gauge steel welded to be water tight
    • Water table
    • Down draft table
    • Hybrid water / down draft
  • Table slats and holders designed to last longer
  • Heavy duty adjustable table legs
  • Gantry is made of heavy wall structurally engineered aluminum to be rigid and mounting faces are machined for accuracy and precision
  • Custom engineered steel carriage is fully enclosed and protects the Y and Z axis motors
  • Cable harnesses and wiring is enclosed in Dynatrec™ cable tracks that offer a smooth and friction free movement.
  • Heavy duty end trucks are constructed of steel and house the X axis drive motor and bearings
  • Bishop Wisecarver’ patented Dual Vee™ bearings on the X and Y axis as they are proven to offer smooth and friction free movement in industrial applications
  • Z axis movement of the torch lifter is done with precision guides and linear bearings that are fully enclosed for a smooth and precise motion
  • Zero backlash gear box
  • Digital high-speed, heavy-duty NEMA 32 motor drives
  • Magnetic breakaway safety feature for the plasma torch
  • We offer a wide selection of Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamic plasma cutter options to match your cutting requirements
  • Tactical CNC software suite is user friendly and intuitive and we encourage you to contact us and can give you a virtual test drive over your computer.
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