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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

CNC CAD & CAM Software Enhances Workshop Profitability

CNC Plasma Table

When CNC CAD drawing and CAM cutting software are discussed, they are often discussed as something that makes the cutting process more easy and accurate.  And that is completely true.  CAD and CAM software allows for more precise cuts and the software tells the machine how and where to make the cuts, making it a largely hands-off experience for the CNC plasma system operator.  But, when we explore that a little more closely we see that ultimately, CNC CAD and CAM software significantly enhances workshop profitability.

There are a variety of ways in which CNC plasma CAD and CAM software enhance workshop profitability.  Whether used in a small workshop with one fabricator or industrial setting where thousands of parts of being cut every day, CAD and CAM software enhances profitability.  First, because the software tells the CNC plasma cutter where to cut, how to cut, the appropriate torch height, and more, it produces incredibly accurate results.  This reduces human error that can lead to wasted materials that take away from a workshop’s profitability.  Additionally, the software does something that is called “nesting.”  Nesting essentially means that it fits as many cuts as possible onto one sheet of material which reduces raw material waste.  This maximizes your use of materials and saves you money in the long run.  Further, because the cutting process is automated with CAD and CAM software, your workshop will need fewer machine operators which will save your business the cost of some salaries, benefits, and more!

But, perhaps where CNC CAD and CAM software enhances profitability the most is in its ability to quickly and accurately achieve cuts.  A CNC plasma cutter that is controlled by CAD and CAM software can rapidly create cuts at speeds that would never be able to be achieved with handheld cutting.  And, because the cuts are so accurate as well as rapid, you will be able to cut far more parts and pieces in a day than you would otherwise be able to.  The more that your workshop can produce quickly, the more that you can sell and the happier your customers will be which will dramatically enhance profitability.  Making an investment in a CNC plasma cutting system can feel like a large investment but the return on your investment will be significant.  When you need expedite cutting processes, produce more accurate cuts and enhance profitability, a CNC plasma cutter with CAD drawing and CAM cutting software is the only way to go.

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