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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

Buying a CNC Plasma System Made With Heavy Gauge Material Can Save You Money In the Long Run

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If your production floor is like many of the workshops and fabrication companies supplied by Tactical CNC, then your CNC plasma system is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in your company. This system is dynamic, powerful, and capable of handling all kinds of detailed cutting tasks. Fabrication workshops, production floors, and other facilities count on these systems to be ready to go to work whenever a new job arrives. Unfortunately, some workshop managers do not choose a plasma cutting system made from heavy gauge material. As a result, the system is shaky, unstable, and simply unable to live up to the demands placed on it. A high quality system is not necessarily much more expensive than a cheaply made one but it will continue to deliver a higher degree of performance, responsiveness, and reliability. These are the factors that set apart the best cutting systems on the market.

What Are You Actually Buying?

Investing in any piece of fabrication equipment is a major financial undertaking. Workshop managers have to weigh their options carefully before making their final decision. Comparing options based purely on the sticker price can be deceptive. Cutters that have a bargain price may be hiding several drawbacks. For example:

  • A cheaply produced plasma cutter may require repair earlier than you anticipate.
  • Weak materials wear out faster, necessitating service and replacement parts at a faster rate.
  • Some weak components cannot be easily fixed or replaced; specialists may be required to service a poorly made unit.
  • Companies that skimp on material quality may also cut corners in their computer interface and other electronic components.
  • Frequent repairs and service checks interrupt production activities and cost money due to down time.

As you can see, a CNC plasma cutter purchased purely on the basis of its initial sticker price can actually come along with a lot of flaws that will cost you heavily later on. This is why the value of an item must be considered in addition to its dollar cost.

What Do You Value Most?

Every economic decision is made based on several factors; the choice of fabrication equipment is no different. How valuable is it to shop with a brand name you already know and trust? How important is it to invest in computer interfaces able to keep pace with the advancement of technology? Is the money lost due to future down time less valuable than the money you would save in the short term? Heavy gauge material certainly costs a little more but the savings are evident in the long run.


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