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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

Automatic Torch Height Control Essential to CNC Plasma Cutting


Today’s plasma cutting is an advanced, elegant, intuitive process in which efficiency is maximized and cuts can be both intricate and pristine.  Plasma torches are extremely effective and, with a high end investment, you can cut through a variety of materials and thicknesses to create everything from small parts to large works of art.  These sophisticated systems, such as the CNC plasma cutters sold by Tactical CNC, seem turnkey, and they are – but only because of a series of sophisticated components that make such accuracy and quality possible.  When it comes to mechanized cutting, automatic torch height control is one of the important parts of achieving such pristine cuts.  And, while it is one of the most important parts, many plasma cutters, especially the more affordable CNC plasma cutting systems, either do not come with automatic torch height control or users are not properly trained and therefore do not know how to correctly use their automatic torch height control.

Automatic torch height control makes CNC plasma cutting much faster and much easier by automating the process and removing the guesswork.  Even for the most seasoned metal fabricators, this is beneficial because by improving efficiency and accuracy, you can speed your ROI and increase your metal fabrication shop profits.  TheFabricator explains why automatic torch height control is so beneficial to the CNC plasma cutting process, “Once the cutting begins, the distance between the torch and the top of the material is maintained by reading the voltage from the plasma arc, in a process known as automatic torch height control (ATHC). Generally, sheets of material do not lie completely flat, especially thin-gauge material. To ensure a high-quality cut, it is important to maintain a constant distance between the torch and the material surface. Maintaining a constant height requires a responsive ATHC system. On some systems, the arc voltage is checked at a rate of 500 times per second, and the readings are used to adjust the Z axis up or down accordingly. The result is a quality cut that does not require user intervention.”  At Tactical CNC, our affordable CNC plasma cutting systems have everything you need, including automatic torch height control as well as the training our customers need to learn how to accurately use their new systems to their fullest potential.  It is for this reason that we have developed such a loyal customer base.  Our CNC plasma cutting systems use durable, state-of-the-art technology with automatic torch height control to ensure you achieve the best cut possible, every time.

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