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Advantages of Automated CNC Plasma Cutting

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Metal fabrication shop owners must determine what type of cutting is ideal for their shop.  There are many considerations such as type of cutting, size and capability of machine, types of materials you tend to cut most frequently, and whether you should employ handheld cutting methods or automated CNC cutting methods.  Handheld cutting has been used for many decades and, while it can work well for certain applications, in general, automated cutting offers a wide range of advantages over handheld cutting.  With handheld cutting, there are a myriad of opportunities in which human error can occur.  The torch can be held at the wrong angle or distance from the materials being cut and it can impact cut quality.  Further, if a human makes an error in parameters (particularly with intricate cuts) the accuracy will be negatively impacted.  Both of these things will lead to waste which means reduced productivity and loss of money.  Below we explore the reasons automated CNC plasma cutting is better than its handheld counterpart.

  • Increased Productivity
    • Handheld cutting is significantly slower than automated cutting. With automated CNC plasma cutting, CNC CAD and CAM cutting software tells the torch where to cut.  This means that even intricate cutting can be done much more quickly.  Small repetitive cuts for things like small parts are performed quickly while reducing waste so your metal fabrication shop can produce more in a day which increases revenue.
  • Increased Accuracy
    • Even the most skilled metal fabricator knows that human error can happen, particularly in something as precise as metal cutting. Repetitive cuts can become tedious, leading to error.  A torch can be held at the wrong distance which effects accuracy and precision, which leads to waste.  Intricate cuts with very specific and unique cutting parameters can be very difficult to execute with any sort of speed.  Automated cutting removes the guess work.  When you input an image in the computerized software, cutting parameters are generated and the machine executes the cuts quickly with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Increased Quality
    • As mentioned, when a torch is held at the wrong angle or distance from the materials being cut, cut quality is often the casualty. An automated system contains automatic torch height control which ensures the torch is always at the ideal height and distance from the material so that you get the most pristine, high quality cut possible.

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