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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

Advantages of a CNC Plasma Hybrid Water/Downdraft Table

Models-and-Sizes-page-picture-resizedWhen talking about CNC plasma cutting systems one of the big decisions is whether to choose a water table or a downdraft table. Cutting using a CNC plasma cutter produces a lot of smoke, fumes and some debris. Naturally, there has to be a way to manage these side effects of cutting to ensure that there is a comfortable and safe workspace. Water tables and downdraft tables each provide their own unique set of advantages depending on your specific needs and desires for your workspace. But, the decision does not have to be an either/or choice, in addition to a water table or downdraft table, you could choose a hybrid water/downdraft table that provides more versatility when cutting.
It is first important to determine whether or not you need a hybrid table or if a specific water table or downdraft table will suit your needs. When looking at costs alone, water tables do tend to be more expensive than downdraft tables. Beyond costs, a water table is limited to plasma and oxy-fuel thermal cutting. Water tables are ideal for cutting mild steel but downdraft tables are applicable for a variety of materials. Water tables are less noisy and collect particles, smoke and fumes because they are pushed into the water. Downdraft tables are more noisy and collect particles, smoke and fumes through a filtration system that cleans the air. Water tables are easier to clean than downdraft tables and generally cost less to maintain and operate. However, downdraft tables are a somewhat more versatile cutting option. When you opt for a hybrid system you truly get the best of both worlds, providing the ultimate versatility in one complete cutting system. At Tactical CNC, we provide a water tight frame that can be configured as a water table, down draft table or even a hybrid water/down draft table – the choice is up to you. Through the use of a hybrid CNC plasma cutting system you can determine what means of smoke, fume and debris control is best on a case by case basis to ensure not only that you have a safe work environment and comfortable cutting conditions but also the most precise and accurate cut each time. If you work with a wide variety of materials and your cutting needs change often, a CNC plasma system with a hybrid water/downdraft table may be the right fit for your workshop.

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