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Additional Features

As a company in the metal fabrication sector you have been doing your strategic planning by looking to purchase a CNC plasma cutting system that may be bringing your outsourcing of parts cutting in house or to increase your present production, so you will need to be Tactical in your selection.

How to be Tactical:
Being tactical consists of being dynamic and effective in a business situation. It takes situational awareness, training, and good gear.
Listed below is a check list of features that makes Tactical CNC Advance Series a cut above.

  • Software is reported to be the one part of the purchasing decision process the client felt they did not do enough research on and did not receive what they perceived they were getting. Tactical CNC software is a complete package containing CAD drawing capabilities and CAM cutting software hosting multiple part grid nesting, pre-loaded cutting parameters of your plasma cutter, kerf compensation, lead ins/lead outs, G-Code tool path generator, image conversion to vector file capability and has remote access capabilities.
    Take it for a virtual test cut. Contact us today and we can arrange an on line tutorial of our software so you can see how easy it is to create a part and send it to cut on your computer screen.
  • Plasma table boundaries are determined by electronic proximity optical sensors, so there is no mechanical switches to fail. These sensors do not make any physical contact and will offer trouble free sensing of the plasma torch boundaries for many years.
  • Our gantry and carriage ride on Dual Vee® bearings giving your Tactical CNC plasma machine a positional accuracy in the effective cutting area of 0.002”.
  • Precision motion of our drive system in the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis have zero backlash as they are powered by heavy duty NEMA 34 drive motors. We also use wiring harnesses with solid locking connectors to keep all of electrical wiring neat and able to move easily and smoothly in the Dynatrect® cable track. Also the Z-axis motion is fully enclosed and ride on linear bearings to offer smooth and frictionless motion of the torch mount.
  • The gear track is mounted inversely along the machined surface of the side rails prevent debris collecting there that could cause disturbance or friction that would translate to the quality of the cut.
  • Our gantry is made of a heavy wall extruded aluminum and is machined flat and square so the mounting of the rails and gear track allows for a truly precision and accurate machine.
  • Our end trucks are constructed of heavy duty steel plate to protect the X-axis drive systems on both sides of the table.
  • Tactical CNC offers a water tight frame that can be configured as a water table, down draft table or even a hybrid water/down draft table.
  • Tactical offers you a section of North America’s best plasma cutters from Hypertherm or Victor Thermal Dynamics. If you need help on selecting a plasma system best suited for your needs we would gladly assist you in your decision, just give us a call.
  • On-site training is included and offer life time telephone and e-mail support for the original owner of the Tactical system.
  • Our systems are turn-key, you supply the input power, air and/or mixed gas depending on plasma choice, all connections and exhaust fan and/or filtration for down draft, and easy access for water in the case of water table selection.
  • A complete documentation user manual is supplied that will have electrical/electronic schematics, mechanical drawings, full art number listing and a bill of materials.

You are looking to purchase a new CNC plasma cutting system and you are sure to have questions, and we encourage you to contact us so we can get you the correct answers to help in making your Tactical selection.
Tactical CNC has well over three decades of experience in the CNC plasma cutting sector and look forward to being the supplier of choice of your new system.

Latest News

Still need an oxy-fuel station for the really thick plate?
Not a problem.
Tactical CNC introduces a single oxy-fuel station to compliment your plasma cutting system.
With the new Tactical 5 software, oxy-fuel parameters are also loaded for operator convienience.

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