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A CNC Plasma Waterjet Cuts Glass with Ease

Tactical CNC plasma table

When we talk about cutting with a CNC plasma cutter, we often discuss fabricating various types of metal.  But, plasma cutters can cut more than metal and when you use a waterjet system you can cut virtually any material.  This is because there is no heat affected zone with a waterjet, unlike other plasma cutting systems.  Because of this, a waterjet system is ideal for cutting and fabricating glass.  When you cut with a waterjet system, it is not the water that cuts the material but a mixture of abrasives that are propelled at the material being cut.  For this reason, there is often a sandblasted look when cutting with a waterjet system.

Many businesses are not just creating simple glass shapes for a basic window.  They need intricate contours and shapes for special windows, tabletops, mirrors, glass ornaments, and more.  But, those intricate cuts cannot be easily achieved with other cutting methods.  But, they can be achieved with a waterjet system.  We all know that glass is fragile and prone to cracking, particularly under high pressure and when heat is introduced.  Additionally, waterjet cutting does not vibrate the glass like other types of CNC plasma cutting can which helps reduce the risk of wasted materials.  Because there is no heat-affected zone, the edges are clean and precise so there is minimal-if-no finishing required.

With waterjet cutting, you can vary the abrasive pressure and time it perfectly so that the glass does not need to undergo sustained, long periods of high pressure. Strategically timed pressure is what allows fabricators to achieve such intricate and pristine glass cuts.  Further, the jet stream is omnidirectional so it can cut any shape, pattern or design that is needed.  With a waterjet system, in conjunction with CAD drawing and CAM cutting software, the fabrication possibilities are endless! TheFabricator elaborates on why a waterjet system is a wise investment for the fabricator that cuts a variety of materials, including glass, “Glass cutting is a suitable application for a waterjet. Without any tooling or setup changes, a fabricator can go from cutting sheet metal to cutting delicate glass. In fact, a waterjet can cut the strongest laminated, bullet-resistant glass on the market—which can be as thick as 4 in.”  If you are considering investing in a CNC plasma cutter and weighing the pros and cons of various systems, if you need to cut a variety of materials including glass, a waterjet system is the ideal investment for your workshop.

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