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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

A CNC Plasma Table to Meet Your Needs

CNC Plasma Table

Spend any amount of time looking around the market and you will see that there are a wide variety of CNC plasma tables from which to choose.  The variety includes a range of prices, sizes, features, and more!  Choosing the right plasma table for your needs can be challenging.  At Tactical CNC, we specifically design CNC plasma tables for small to mid-size metal fabrication sectors.  Every detail about each of our systems is designed with that unique customer in mind.  Our systems are perfect for production cutting and metal fabricators.

When it come s to choosing the correct CNC plasma table size, it is important to think of the size of sheet you typically fabricate and if it would be cost-saving or beneficial to be capable of accommodating larger sheets now or down the road.  We have three table sizes from which to choose:

  • Tactical Advance 4’x8’ Plasma Cutting Table (52″ x 98″ cutting surface area)
  • Tactical Advance 5′ x 10′ Plasma Cutting Table (66″ x 123″ cutting surface area)
  • Tactical Advance 6’ x 12’ Plasma Cutting Table (78’ x 148” cutting surface area)

We not only offer a variety of table sizes, but a robust set of features.  All of our CNC plasma cutter series contain a controller, drives, automatic torch height control, computer, software, setup and on-site training.  Further, they are designed for rugged use because, with over 50 years of experience, we know how metal fabrication shops and industrial settings can be!  Our systems include safety features such as magnetic torch mounts to prevent torch damage and an enclosed Z-axis drive with safety sensors.

Our systems are completely turnkey.  They contain Bishop Wisercarver patented Dual Vee™ bearings that produce a smooth, friction-free motion.   Additionally, we use Dynatrec™ cable and hose tracks and Martin sprocket and gear tracks that are inversely mounted to prevent deposits that might create friction or vibrations in the cut.  Further, our plasma cutting torches have easy-to-assemble nozzles and consumables that can be assembled in a matter of minutes.  As an OEM for Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics, we work with only the best of the best.  Also, we have an oxy-fuel add on tha tis optional and if you choose it, it is quick and easy to switch to when it is required.  Whatever your specific needs are, we have the right plasma table for you!

Latest News

Still need an oxy-fuel station for the really thick plate?
Not a problem.
Tactical CNC introduces a single oxy-fuel station to compliment your plasma cutting system.
With the new Tactical 5 software, oxy-fuel parameters are also loaded for operator convienience.

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