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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

A Closer Look at Cutting Tables: Three Types of CNC Cutting Tables


When a fabricator is interested in investing in a CNC plasma cutting system, they may be considering a few options for their cutting table.  These options include a water table, down draft table, or hybrid table.  At Tactical CNC, we are proud to offer our clients all three options so that they choose a system that best suits their unique fabrication needs.  While there are many things to carefully weigh when choosing a table, such as hardware features, software features, warranty and more, one of the most important decisions you will make is whether to invest in a water table, downdraft, or hybrid.

A down draft table is a table used for CNC cutting and fabrication that has a skirt around the base to enclose the area underneath the table.  Then, a ventilation fan sucks down the air, dust and debris from cutting and filters it to ensure a safe workplace.  This works very well for the removal of dust and smoke and is commonly used in both plasma and laser cutting applications.  Downdraft tables provide versatility to the fabricator because a downdraft table can be used for a wider selection of materials.  Downdraft tables are also easier to clean and a less expensive up-front investment.  But, downdraft tables do not do as efficient a job of eliminating dust and smoke as a water table.

One of the most distinct advantages of a water table is that it can dramatically reduce the risk of warpage during the cutting process.  This is because when cutting in water, material stays significantly cooler than when using a downdraft table.  A water table is another dust and smoke containment system.  It simply consists of a cutting surface within a table of water.  That means that the materials that are being fabricator are submerged and as the machine cuts all dust, sparks, debris and more are contained in the water.  A water table also reduces noise and UV glare so they are typically considered to be a more safe option.  One downside of the water table is that it loses its ability to produce quality cuts on material of 2 inches in thickness. At Tactical CNC, we know that our clients need options which are why we carry heavy duty tables that are designed for water or downdraft use, or to be used as a hybrid water/down draft solution.

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