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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

8 Important Features of CNC CAD/CAM Software

CNC plasma Cutting

CAD and CAM software are a critical component of any CNC plasma cutting system.  Without software, the controller would not be able to tell the torch where to move and what cuts to make.  There are many different CAD and CAM software options but they do not all have the same features and some are easier to use than others. So, how do you know which software you need to efficiently and effectively run your CNC plasma cutting system, which Fabricating & Metalworking notes, “The software that runs the equipment and designs the drawings is arguably the most important component of your CNC plasma table setup. The software performs two distinct functions: designing the piece to be cut, and controlling the table and the plasma cutter. Although high-end design software like AutoCAD is perfect for creating high quality designs for a large number of applications, be careful you’re not using a sledgehammer to swat a fly. AutoCAD and the like have built-in functions to handle extremely complex requirements, and often those extra functions can distract the user and actually inhibit the creation of perfect cut-paths. A better option is to look for software specifically designed for creating CNC plasma cutting drawings. This software is optimized for making perfect cut-paths, and can do so quickly and easily. Controlling the table and the plasma cutter must be performed by the software that came with your table. The best software will be created to maximize the characteristics of the table it’s running on. Be sure to look for software created and optimized specifically for your table. Ideally, the software running the table should be written by the same company that makes the table.”  Even the most seasoned of fabricators want a system that is robust, easy-to-use, reliable, and ultimately, that produces the cuts they want. 

At Tactical CNC, we have extensive industry experience and have carefully honed our software to ensure that it is user-friendly and capable of precisely handling the work you need to complete.  CNC CAD/CAM software can make all the difference in shop productivity and ultimately profit, as The Fabricator points out, “Plasma cutting is all about time and accuracy, and the two most significant factors in saving time are material handling and software. You might think that cutting speed is a major factor. Yes, you can save seconds and minutes by tweaking your feed rate, but you can save hours in a week with good software and good material handling procedures.”  Below are 8 important features of CNC CAD/CAM software and, fortunately, all of these features are included in our software when you invest in a Tactical CNC plasma cutting system.


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