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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a CNC Plasma Cutting System

CNC plasma CuttingIf you are in the market for a CNC plasma cutting system and have begun to do your research you have probably seen that there are many different options from which to choose.  The features vary widely and so do the price points.  Determining which system is right for your specific needs and the applications you intend to use it for can be downright confusing.  When chosen correctly, an investment in a CNC plasma cutting system is one that will provide a great return on investment because you will be able to boost productivity while reducing material waste.  At Tactical CNC, we believe that all clients should ask themselves a few important questions.  Below are 8 questions you should ask yourself before you buy a new CNC plasma cutting system.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a CNC Plasma Cutting System

  1. What is the maximum size of sheet or plate that I tend to purchase and fabricate?
  2. If I usually purchase a smaller sheet, can investing in a table capable of fabricating larger sheets actually save me money in the long run? If there is any potential you could find savings in fabricating a larger sheet or may have a need for it in the future it may be wiser to invest in it now rather than buy two separate systems. (Fortunately, Tactical CNC carries a wide range of stock sizes from which to choose.)
  3. Is the system I am considering buying well made with quality materials? The metal fabrication industry including workshops and industrial settings can be a very rough place for equipment so you want to invest in equipment that is durable and capable of withstanding heavy use in a heavy-duty environment.
  4. Is the system I am considering buying capable of achieving the precision and accuracy that I need? When you are cutting you want precise and accurate cuts so that you avoid wasting materials or producing lackluster parts.  At Tactical CNC, our systems mount the rails and gear track on machined flat surfaces to ensure that the motion is always smooth and completely friction-free.  Further, we use optical proximity sensors for the system so that it is able to find its table limits and operate both square and true.  Also, the sensors never make any contact or make any mechanical switching which means that they will be able to operate trouble-free for many years.
  5. What type of software will my CNC plasma cutting system include? Tactical CNC software is made in the USA and contains state-of-the-art CAD drawing and CAM cutting software capable of achieving any of the cuts that you need.
  6. Does my potential CNC plasma cutting system come with the plasma cutter that I need or have it available? The plasma cutter that you choose is very important and will determine how thick the material is that you can cut as well as the quality of cuts that you can achieve.
  7. Does my potential CNC plasma cutting system come with training? If not, it should.  At Tactical CNC, we provide on-site training to ensure that our clients get the most out of their new plasma cutting system and are always happy to answer questions over the phone or via email.


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