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Tactical CNC Plasma Tables Blog

7 CNC Plasma Table Features That Set Tactical CNC Apart

Plasma Table Gantry

When it comes to CNC plasma table construction and features, users want their systems to have the features they need to complete the cuts they desire at an economical price point.  At Tactical CNC, we know this and have used our 50+ years of CNC plasma and metal fabrication experience to carefully craft our systems to be constructed of the highest quality materials and the best possible features for our clients.   Each component of our system has been carefully selected to simplify CNC plasma cutting yet still provide the quality that our clients deserve.  If you look around the CNC plasma table industry, there are many different manufacturers and systems at a wide array of price points but once you look a bit closer, there are many systems that are stripped down and offer no real features, requiring many add-ons after the fact.  Tactical CNC systems contain everything you need to starting cutting as soon as it is installed.  Below are 7 features of Tactical CNC plasma table systems that help set us apart in in the industry.

7 CNC Plasma Table Features That Set Tactical CNC Apart

  1. Heavy Duty, Versatile Construction
    • Our heavy duty tables are constructed of the highest quality materials to provide the durability necessary to withstand the conditions of manufacturing and metal fabrication workshops. Additionally, the tables are designed to offer versatility and can be configured as a water table, down draft table, or hybrid water/down draft solution.
  2. CNC controller
    • The CNC controller helps control where your plasma torch cuts. The CNC controller is informed by your CNC CAD & CAM software and must be accurate and precise in its motions to achieve the cuts that you want.
  3. Automatic Torch Height Control (ATHC)
    • Automatic Torch Height Control is one very important component of a complete and accurate CNC plasma cutting system. ATHC controls the CNC plasma torch position to ensure that it always maintains the ideal distance from the material being cut to achieve optimal cut quality.
  4. Triple magnetic disc torch collision breakaway
    • All CNC plasma cutting systems need magnetic torch breakaway to ensure safety. The trip magnet strengths hold force to prevent damage to the plasma torch or table gantry in the event of a torch collision.  T
  5. Mechanized plasma cutter
    • Our plasma cutter is mechanized by the CNC controller and software to provide precise, accurate cuts every time. With handheld cutting there is much more room for user error but with mechanized plasma cutting, there is a significantly improved reliability.
  6. Computer and work station
    • Many CNC plasma systems do not supply a computer and work station which leaves you either in the lurch once your system arrives or scrambling to determine what computer and work station are best for your plasma cutting system. We supply you with the ideal computer and work station to optimize efficiency and ease-of-use.
  7. Tactical CNC’s dynamic CAD/CAM cutting software
    • Another feature that CNC plasma cutting systems often do not have is CAD/CAM cutting software. But, Tactical CNC systems not only provide this to the user but our dynamic software is state-of-the-art and exceptionally easy to use.


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