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5 Industrial Applications In Which CNC Plasma Cutting Is Used

Ever since the 1960s, industry has been using plasma cutting technology to cut through difficult-to-cut materials. Plasma cutting provided a way of efficiently cutting through materials while saving on the costs of things like worn out blades. Plasma cutting does not rely on friction, and so has brought down the cost of cutting through material considerably. Today, plasma cutting is used in dozens of different operations. Hers are five industrial applications in which industries, like yours, may use plasma cutting.

Creating Parts For HVAC

Plasma cutting is a particular type of cutting technology that prevents heat overload to the surrounding material. It is, therefore, especially useful for creating some of the small, intricate parts found in HVAC systems. HVAC manufacturers want components that can be manufactured reliably and offer consistent quality. CNC plasma cutting is used to provide brackets, ducts, fittings and flanges for these systems, allowing quality to remain high.

Cutting Plate

Manufacturers will often supply plate metal in a predetermined set of sizes. These might not always be suitable for another manufacturer’s application – say an automaker, for example – and so require cutting before entering into the manufacturing process. Cutting metal plate can be an expensive and time-consuming process using traditional methods, but with a plasma cutter, it becomes a lot easier and cheaper.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry needs parts that are cut to fine tolerances. Accuracy matters a lot when constructing complex machines, like aircraft and helicopters. Not all cutting technologies, however, provide the exceptional level of precision and control needed to machine these specialist parts. Plasma cutting, however, offers extraordinary accuracy, allowing manufacturers to choose sub-millimeter tolerances, even when cutting large pieces of metal. Plasma cutters, when paired with CNC technology, give manufacturers the ability to shape metal in whatever way the designers deem best.


The automaking industry relies on the use of large sheets of metal for car bodies. These pieces of metal must be shaped according to strict processes to ensure strength and quality. Before these pieces are shaped, they must be cut in such a way that retains the integrity of the material. Plasma cutting eliminates the risk of warping because it does not transfer heat to the surrounding metal significantly. Thin metal materials, like those used to form the chassis of vehicles, keep their original chemical properties.


Plasma cutting is one of the best cutting technologies because it cuts down on the need to invest additional labor in refining cut surfaces. Plasma cuts are smooth as if the metal had been sheared. For industries, like shipbuilding where costs matter, this can be a real boon. Shipbuilders can benefit from the fact that there is no need for filing down of rough edges or removal of shards of metal sticking out of the material.

Plasma cutting provides clean cuts on the metal used for ship hulls, ensuring that the integrity of the material is not compromised during the cutting process. This type of cutting allows ships to withstand high water pressure beneath the surface.

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