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4 Advantages of CNC Plasma Water Table

Cutting Metal with Plasma Table

When you are investing in a CNC plasma cutting system, one of the decisions you will need to make is how to adequately filter things like smoke, dust, debris and particles that are generated during the cutting process.  There are three primary options from which to choose: downdraft, water table, or hybrid downdraft/water table.  A downdraft table sucks the air, particles, and smoke out through a vent to filter it out of the workshop and protect the CNC plasma cutter’s health.  While downdraft is certainly a good option, many people opt to install a hybrid downdraft/water table or just a water table because it offers some unique advantages.  All three options offer their own advantages and drawbacks so it is important to carefully weigh the features and consider the types of material you use and cuts you want to achieve.  Further, speak to your CNC plasma system manufacturer for additional assistance in choosing which option is best for your workshop and unique needs.  Below are 4 advantages of using a CNC plasma water table in your workshop.

4 Advantages of CNC Plasma Water Table

  1. Does Not Require a Dust Collector
    • Unlike a downdraft system that requires a dust collector and duct work through which dust and smoke are filtered out of the workshop, a water table does not require a dust collector. It is a rather turnkey system in that the water simply captures the smoke, dust, and debris during the cutting process and it is all filtered out with the water.
  2. Eliminates Arc Flash
    • Arc flash is incredibly dangerous and leads to many injuries each year and can even lead to death. Arc flash is when ultraviolet and infrared light emissions occur during the cutting process.  These flashes can lead to eye burns and other eye injuries.  Because the cutting process takes place under water, arc flash cannot occur which eliminates arc flash risk in the workshop.
  3. Reduces Heat Distortion/Heat Affected Zone
    • Heat distortion or a heat affected zone is common in CNC plasma cutting. Because the materials are being cut with an incredibly hot plasma stream there can be a heat affected zone near the cut location.  But, because materials are being cut under water, they remain cool during the cutting process and thus no heat distortion is created when using a water table.
  4. Reduces Noise
    • Other health hazard of working with a CNC plasma cutter is repeated exposure to intense noise. Some use ear plugs or ear muffs to diminish the noise but long-term hearing injuries can still occur.  When cutting under water, the noise is dramatically reduced which reduces the risk of hearing-related injuries in the workplace.

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