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Tactical CNC Software

Tactical CNC invites you to take a virtual test drive of our software to see firsthand how user friendly and intuitive it is.
We will arrange a time in your schedule that we will invite you to a ‘Join.Me’ online meeting where we will share our screen with you allowing you to see and try our software and do a virtual cut.Our software is a dynamic, intuitive and easy to learn CAD drawing and CAM cutting software.

  • The CAD software allows for easy yet powerful drawing any 2-D shape
  • The CAM software includes multiple part grid nesting
    • pre-loaded cutting parameters
    • kerf-compensation
    • lead-ins & lead-outs
    • tool path generator (G code)
    • easy image to vector conversion
    • remote access for trouble-shooting.

Software CAD draw object Software CAM Software CNC screen

Latest News

Still need an oxy-fuel station for the really thick plate?
Not a problem.
Tactical CNC introduces a single oxy-fuel station to compliment your plasma cutting system.
With the new Tactical 5 software, oxy-fuel parameters are also loaded for operator convienience.

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2017 marked the 50th anniversary of arguably the toughest off-road race in the World! Stretching from Ensenada to La Paz, racers travel across some of the mo...

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