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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your New CNC Plasma Cutting System

CNC Plasma Table

If you have already determined that investing in a new CNC plasma cutting system would be beneficial for your business, you may have begun researching about which plasma system would be best to accommodate your unique business and needs.  You will quickly find that there are many different CNC plasma cutting systems at a huge range of price points and accompanied by a huge array of features.  Some systems may appear to be a great deal but may not have many features that you need to achieve the cuts that you want.  Conversely, some systems may come with an overinflated price that doesn’t match the value that you receive in your system.   Because we at Tactical CNC know that the decision can be confusing, we have provided some helpful tips to consider when choosing your new CNC plasma cutting system. (more…)

How CNC Plasma Cutting Systems Increase Workshop Safety


A workshop, industrial setting, or any other place in which fabrication occurs tends to be a rough and often dangerous environment.  There are many ways to increase safety and reduce the risk of worker injury.  While handheld cutting works for metal fabrication, there are certain hazards involved with the job.  When your hand is on the torch there is always a risk of burning or injury.  Further, by being so close to a plasma arc, you could potentially damage vision or even die if an arc flash occurs.  Needless to say, the closer you arc to the plasma torch, the greater the risk of injury.  By opting to use a CNC plasma cutting system that automates plasma cutting, it reduces the risk of injury for workers significantly. (more…)

Don’t Outsource Your CNC Plasma Cutting – Invest in One for Your Shop

CNC plasma Cutting

There are many industries such as HVAC, automotive, and more in which small parts and general metal fabrication are needed on a daily basis.  Depending on the size of your shop and your unique business, you may think that the best option is to outsource your CNC plasma cutting needs rather than invest in a system for your own shop.  Many business owners mistakenly assume that they either don’t have the manpower, knowledge, or need to have a CNC plasma cutting system in house.  But, when you outsource your CNC plasma cutting needs, you are left at the mercy of the subcontractor.  You will have to wait on them to complete the cutting and hope that the cuts are accurate, precise, and up to your standards.  It is inefficient at best.  Further, if you have proprietary parts/information/drawings, you will likely want to protect that intellectual property rather than expose it to subcontractors. Rather than outsourcing your CNC plasma cutting needs, it is far better to invest in one for your shop. (more…)

10 Features You Can Expect from a Tactical CNC Plasma Cutting System

CNC Plasma Table

CNC plasma cutting systems include a table and a plasma cutter, but a truly ‘complete’ system should include so much more!  Tactical CNC plasma cutting systems come with everything you need to complete the cuts that you want.  We carry many features that you will not find on just any CNC plasma cutting system.  We want our systems to be useful for fabricators that need to execute a few precise and intricate cuts or for high-volume industrial cutting. We carry 3 plasma cutting systems as a part of our Tactical CNC Advance Series and 2 plasma cutting systems as a part of our Tactical Advance HD series to ensure that we can accommodate any customer’s needs.  When you invest in a Tactical CNC plasma cutting system there are certain features that you can count on to come with our systems. (more…)

Introduction to the Hypertherm Powermax125 Air Plasma Cutter

CNC Table and Gantry

Choosing the right plasma cutter system components such as table, software, and other features is an important step in getting the most out of your investment.  We believe that our customers should be well-educated about the different components, such as plasma torches, to ensure that they are getting a system that will be able to achieve any of the cuts they want and not just achieve them but provide pristine, outstanding cuts.  We offer our clients a selection of various Hypertherm plasma cutters including air, mixed-gas, and Hy-def options.  Hypertherm explains the advantages of choosing an air plasma cutter, “Air is the most versatile plasma gas; it produces good cut quality and speed on mild steel, stainless, and aluminum. Air also lowers the cost of operation because it is not necessary to purchase gases. However air is not free. Shop air must be cleaned to remove contamination such as particulate, oil mist, and moisture. The best solution for air plasma systems is a good-sized, dedicated air compressor, a refrigerated dryer, and a bank of filters to take out particulate, oil mist, and any remaining moisture…The problem is usually corrected by simply using good quality weld wire with denitriders and deoxidizers. For versatility, good speed, low dross levels, and parts life up to 600 starts, air is a good option for many shops.”  The Hypertherm Powermax125 is an air plasma cutter that offers the largest maximum pierce to clients – as well as many other features. (more…)

Get a Plasma Cutting System with Oxy-Fuel Station for Cutting Thick Plates

CNC Plasma Table

The things that a laser or plasma cutter can achieve today are truly astonishing.  But, as any metal fabricator knows, if you fabricate very thick plates of material, you need oxy-fuel.  At Tactical CNC, we carry a selection of outstanding plasma cutting systems that can be customized to meet your unique needs and that includes adding single oxo-fuel station to compliment your plasma cutting system so that you can fabricate whatever material thickness you might need. (more…)

How Does Oxy-Fuel Cutting Work?

CNC plasma Cutting

At Tactical CNC, we talk often about the advantages of plasma cutting, laser cutting, and oxy-fuel cutting.  And, while they each have their own unique advantages, it is important to understand how the cutting process works so that you can be certain you are choosing the best cutting method for your needs.  Oxy-fuel is known for being the ideal tool when fabricating thicker materials – but why?  How does oxy-fuel work and how does it manage to fabricate thick materials better than other methods? (more…)

Introduction to HyPerformance HPR260XD

Plasma Table Gantry

Designing the perfect CNC plasma cutting system involves a lot of decisions on table components and features to ensure that you end up with the best system to meet your fabrication needs.  You will determine table size, type of table such as water or down draft, and plasma cutter.  At Tactical CNC, you can choose from an air plasma cutter, a mixed-gas plasma cutter, and a hy-def/precision plasma cutter.  The Hypertherm HyPerformance Plasma HPR260XD is a state-of-the-art plasma cutter that boasts many features to which our clients are often drawn. (more…)

Invest in a Heavy-Duty CNC Plasma System

GantryCNC plasma cutting systems need to do precise and sometimes seemingly delicate work to achieve intricate cuts.  But, CNC plasma cutting systems need to be anything but delicate.  Metal fabrication shops and industrial settings are not delicate places and the machinery in those places needs to be able to stand up to the conditions and not only last but continue to perform well.  CNC plasma cutting should not be complicated – the table should be sturdy, the software should be intuitive yet sophisticated, the controller should be precise, and the torch should be strong.  And, while this is obviously a simplification of the CNC plasma cutting process, if those things are not present you will not be able to achieve the cuts that you want. Tactical CNC plasma cutting systems are exceptionally well-made and that is because only the highest quality, most durable materials are used in their construction.

At Tactical CNC, we are not only knowledgeable in the area of metal fabrication and CNC plasma cutting systems, but we are actually experienced and know what goes into making a good plasma cutting system.  Tactical CNC plasma cutting systems are comprised of variouous heavy-duty parts that work together seamlessly to achieve the cuts that you want.  Those heavy-duty parts include a table base that is made of heavy gauge steel that is welded to be water tight.  The table slats and holders are strong and specifically designed to last longer.  Further, our table legs are heavy duty and completely adjustable.  Also, the gantry is made of heavy wall, structurally engineered aluminum to be rigid.  The mounting faces are also machined for both accuracy and precision.  The steel carriage is custom engineered and fully enclosed so that it protects the Y and Z axis motors.  We use Dynatrec™ cable tracks to enclose the cable harnesses and wiring because they are heavy duty and provide the smooth and friction free movement that our clients want.  Another thing that provides smooth and precisie motion is the Bishop Wisecarver’ patented Dual Vee™ bearings that are used on the X and Y axis.  Continuing, our heavy duty end trucks are made of steel and they house the X axis drive motor and bearings.    Fully enclosed are the precision guides and linear bearings that facilitate Z axis movement of the torch lifter.  And, we employ a strong safety feature with our magnetic breakaway for the plasma torch.


Is Software the Most Important Component of Your CNC Plasma Cutting System?

Tactical CNC plasma TableAn argument could be made that the quality of the software that you use in conjunction with your CNC plasma cutting system is one of the most important components of the actual CNC plasma cutting system.  Some might assume that it is the plasma torch, the CNC controller or some other component.  And, while those are all important and necessary, it is imperative that the quality of the software that you use be not overlooked.  Many CNC plasma manufacturers either do not include software with their systems or the quality of the software they include is lackluster.  That is not the case with Tactical CNC.  At Tactical CNC, we are proud to provide a complete CNC plasma cutting system to our clients and that includes state-of-the-art CAD drawing and CAM cutting software.

Many clients make a purchase in a CNC plasma cutting system only to realize after the fact that they did not do enough research about the software they needed or just did not understand its importance.  We know exactly how important software is and that is why our software includes multiple part grid nesting, pre-loaded cutting parameters of your plasma cutter, kerf compensation, lead ins/lead outs, G-Code tool path generator, easy yet powerful drawing of any 2-D shape, image conversion to vector file capabilities, has remote access capabilities, and has oxy-fuel parameters for those who select the oxy-fuel station option for their system.

At Tactical CNC, we are proud to offer exceptional CAD and CAM software that is designed and made right in the USA.  We are so confident in the quality of our software that we encourage everyone to call us and schedule a virtual test drive of our software.  We will schedule a meeting and invite you to a ‘Join.Me’ online meeting where you can share our screen and actually complete a test cut from beginning to end right from your own computer.  You will quickly see just how user-friendly and intuitive our Tactical CNC CAD drawing and CAM cutting software really is.  While every CNC plasma cutting system needs all of the components to actually achieve a cut, without great CAD drawing and CAM cut cutting software the quality of your cuts, ease of use, and available options may be found lacking.  For those reasons, only invest in a complete CNC plasma cutting system that includes easy yet powerful software.

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Still need an oxy-fuel station for the really thick plate?
Not a problem.
Tactical CNC introduces a single oxy-fuel station to compliment your plasma cutting system.
With the new Tactical 5 software, oxy-fuel parameters are also loaded for operator convienience.

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